Special Event Support

  • Any College of Engineering classroom may be scheduled for a special event such as a guest lecturer, orientation or information session, or student group meeting or activity.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the classroom A/V systems are designed primarily to support instruction, so features you may expect in a general-purpose event venue may not be available.
  • A select subset of classrooms do offer additional equipment and capabilities useful for special events.


Technical and Production Assistance

If your event has audio/video requirements beyond what you are comfortable doing in a self-service manor, we suggest working with a technical producer.  For lecture capture production, Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) is often able to assist.  Most other events, including those needing live streaming, professional recording for broadcast, or live mixing of many microphones, can be produced by Michigan Creative for a fee.

Please note: the Office of Instructional Technology is able to offer training on the use of special event capabilities and other equipment in the classrooms.  We are not able to offer production services at this time, or lend event-related equipment beyond what is available in the classroom.

Classroom Capabilities for Events

The specific event support capabilities vary by classroom, but can include features such as:

  • Additional microphones
  • Audio and Video connection panels for an outside contractor or event technical producer to access the house system
  • Connections to overflow viewing rooms
  • Video conferencing links to remote classrooms

Technical Producers: see Technical Guide to Event Panels

Classrooms with Event Support

The following classrooms offer some degree of special event support. Click a room for more details on what capabilities are supported.

  • Chesebrough Auditorium (Chrysler 220) – Microphone Inputs Only
  • Ford Auditorium (IOE 1610)
  • Iacocca Auditorium (G. G. Brown 1571)
  • EECS 1500
  • Dow 1014
  • Dow 1017
  • Cooley 1940