Printing in CAEN Computer Labs

  • Printers in CAEN computer labs are managed by Information and Technology Services (ITS).
  • Eligible students at the College of Engineering will receive a supplemental allocation for the 2019-2020 academic year of $10.00 each full term for use on all ITS printers.
    • Note: The supplemental printing allocation will no longer be offered after the Spring/Summer 2020 term.
  • Charges are taken from a student’s total allocation per impression (per printed side of a piece of paper) at ITS rates.
  • Additional charges printed beyond the total allocations (ITS + CAEN) each term are charged to student accounts.
  • Printing allocations are reset on the first business day for each term.
  • ITS printers are available in many locations across campus, including all CAEN labs.


The College of Engineering provides a supplemental printing allocation to eligible students each full term:

  • College of Engineering students enrolled in a U-M course during the current term.
  • Any U-M student enrolled in a College of Engineering course during the current term.

This supplemental allocation is added to the ITS Standard Computing Services printing allocation, and is intended to address the academic needs of Engineering students while ensuring that printing resources are used effectively. Students can use their total printing allocation at ITS printing locations across campus, including in CAEN computer labs, the Duderstadt Center, and ITS Campus Computing Sites. This printing allocation can only be used to print impressions on ITS printers, including black & white, color, tabloid and poster printers. Refer to the ITS Printing page for all options.

Using the Printers

With the document open, select the Print… option from the application’s main menu (often labeled as “File”). Some applications also support using keyboard shortcuts by holding down the Ctrl then P keys to bring up the Print dialog box.

Refer to the ITS web page on How to Use MPrint for further options and instructions for printing on campus.

Allocations & Costs

All University of Michigan students receive a set of Standard Computing Services from ITS each term, which provides $24.00 for use on ITS printers. Eligible students at the College of Engineering also receive a College-funded supplemental allocation for the 2019-2020 academic year of $10.00 per term, for a total allocation of $34.00 per term. Each impression printed or copied on an ITS printer is deducted from the total printing allocation. After the total allocation is depleted, if no other allocations are available, charges for additional impressions are applied to student accounts at the ITS rates.

Check Your Printing Usage

Determine how much you’ve printed on ITS printers this term, and how much of your allocation remains at the ITS Printing Usage web page.

Questions or Problems?

For questions about the supplemental printing allocation, contact CAEN.

For all other printing questions, or to report printer jams, malfunctions or quality problems, contact the ITS Service Center.