Requirements for Sending to the Moderated Email Lists

The following requirements must be met before a message will be distributed to any of the College of Engineering email lists. Senders will be notified if a requirement is not met, but no further assistance will be provided beyond this notification. College of Engineering faculty and staff should consult their departmental IT support staff or communications staff to ensure their messages meet these requirements:

Send from a email address.
The listserver will only accept messages sent from email addresses; messages from non-University addresses will be rejected automatically by the listserver. All messages sent to the College of Engineering email lists must have a From: address that ends in

Do not enter College email list addresses in the Bcc: field.
Recipients of mail to the College of Engineering email lists must be able to determine easily why they have received a message. If an email list address is included by Bcc:, the message will be rejected. The email list address(es) must appear in the To: or Cc: fields.

Reply to the sender, not the email list(s).
Messages sent to the College of Engineering email lists in reply to a previously moderated message will be rejected and removed with no notice to the sender.