Requesting the CLSE for Departmental Use

  • Michigan Engineering departments can request installations of the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE).
  • The CLSE is only available for Michigan Engineering instructional labs and learning centers.
  • Most applications in the CLSE are only licensed for course-related, instructional use.
  • Departmental IT support staff are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and upgrade of the computers in these departmental locations.

The CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) can be authorized for deployment to instructional labs and learning centers in Michigan Engineering departments, provided that all eligibility requirements are met, including compliance with software licensing terms and conditions. You should familiarize yourself with the requirements below before having a request submitted. Departmental IT support staff should send requests to [email protected], with “CLSE Request” in the Subject line, and include the following information:

  • Department
  • Instructor’s Name
  • Course Name & Number
  • Location
  • Number of Computers
  • Version (Windows or Linux)

If the request is approved, departmental IT support staff will be provided with instructions to deploy the CLSE to the requested computers.

Eligibility Requirements

The CLSE may only be deployed to instructional labs or learning centers in Michigan Engineering buildings. Usage is restricted to Engineering course-related, instructional use only, and cannot be used for any other type of purpose including research. Computers in these locations must be owned by the University of Michigan, located and registered on the Michigan Engineering wired network, appropriately licensed for all software including operating systems, and on the current list of supported hardware. Users of the CLSE must have full CAEN access and adhere to the same conditions of use and license terms that are applicable in CAEN computer labs.

CAEN will review all current installations of the CLSE annually to determine whether all eligibility requirements are still met. All CLSE installations will be either updated or removed when the new version is released each Summer.


CAEN provides the CLSE to departments as installed in the CAEN student computer labs. CAEN will support the CLSE product itself, but departmental IT support staff must support the lab or learning center, including all hardware. Departmental IT support staff are responsible for any modifications made to the CLSE, including additional device drivers, custom applications, and data backups.