Web Publishing Training Sessions

Check out our Knowledge Base!

For answers to specific questions, we encourage anyone who will be attending a WordPress training session to first review the articles in our knowledge base, or contact a CAEN consultant.

WordPress Group Training Sessions

Training sessions are available by request to departments and groups who use the CAEN Web Publishing Service. These sessions provide an introduction to CAEN’s WordPress environment, and go over the basic/key features of the service. To request a training session, send a message to [email protected], and we will work with your group to schedule a date and location.

WordPress Individual Q&A Sessions By Appointment

CAEN schedules periodic blocks of time each term for users of the WordPress Web Publishing Service to reserve an in-person appointment slot. Visitors will have the opportunity to ask questions and get assistance with making updates to their website at a computer in the room. If you have updates to make to your site and aren’t sure how to get started, we can step through the process with you.

A Google Calendar of available appointment slots is shown below. Note: You must be logged into your U-M Google account to view the calendar and reserve a slot.

CAEN WordPress Training Appointment Slots: