CAEN Lecture Recording Data Use

CAEN Lecture Recording is a College of Engineering-built piece of software that enables instructors to schedule recordings in classrooms, using equipment in those rooms, and then share those recordings with students or other individuals.

These systems collect and generate data related to student’s academic activities. 

Learn more about how academic data is collected and used at the University by visiting Viziblue

Instructor’s Information

No data is collected when not recording

  • Unless a recording has been scheduled or is initiated by someone in the room at the lectern, video, audio, and images of the classrooms are not being stored. If a recording is in process in College of Engineering classrooms you will see a recording light on at the back of the room. 

What data is collected during a recording

  • Whiteboard content and materials are shown on the projector, as video, and audio of classroom activities during scheduled times.
  • Classroom location, times met. 
  • CAEN keeps the raw unedited video until a) the recording is deleted by the owner/manager of the recording site, or b) until it is expired by a content lifecycle policy. (Owner/managers will receive notifications before content is automatically expired.)
  • Only the edited or processed video is shared, and only with those who have view access to the recording. Permissions are controlled by the owner/manager of the recording site. 
  • Transcripts are generated and provided for all recordings unless an instructor has turned that feature off. 
  • Transcripts are indexed through CLUES (unless this feature is turned off) allowing students to search through videos by keywords. 
  • 3rd Party Tools
    • Google Analytics is enabled on the Lecture Recording system to capture statistics related to use of the platform.

How This Data Will Not Be Used

  • Video and materials are the intellectual property of the instructors. They will not be shared with anyone beyond those explicitly listed on the site as having access without the consent of the instructor/manager of that site. 

How This Data Can be Used

  • Teaching and Learning Process
    • Recordings are provided to students in your course via settings. You can configure different students to have access to different courses or recordings depending on their needs. 
  • Learning Analytics
    • Lecture data is shared with data repositories, both internal and external to U-M, for the purpose of improving teaching and learning. U-M’s Data Governance oversees data access and approval.
    • Lecture search tool & learning aid developed by a University of Michigan professor
  • Monitor potential issues with this service.
    • CAEN will utilize these recordings to identify issues with video, audio, and whiteboard capture
  • Support End Users
    • CAEN will view data related to these recordings to help assist individuals who have been designated as having access to these videos. CAEN will not give access to these videos to anyone without consent from the instructor and/or those listed as a manager on the site. 
  • Transcription Services
    • Audio and video files are shared with 3rd party transcription services.
  •  Analytics
    • High-level aggregated analytics may be shared with the College or other schools or colleges that use our service.
  • Sites that are integrated into Canvas allow anyone with access to the Canvas site to have access to the video recordings if published. 

Student Information

What Data is Collected

  • Slides, video, and audio of classroom activities during scheduled times. Students speaking or in view of the camera during the recording may be identifiable. 
  • General statistics related to the watching of videos. This includes how many videos were watched, by whom, date/time, etc.  
  • 3rd Party Tools
    • Google Analytics is enabled on the Lecture Recording system to enable statistics related to the use of the platform. 

How This Data Can be Used

The College of Engineering uses data from CAEN Lecture Capture to:

  • Provide videos of courses for instructional purposes
  • Learning Analytics
    • Lecture recording data is shared with Unizin to support education. These viewing statistics do not include any of the actual audio/video resources.
  • Analytics
    • High-level aggregated analytics may be shared with the College. Individual student data will not be shared with instructors or the College related to how they have interacted with the platform.

Data Retention

Videos stored in CAEN lecture capture will be stored according to our data retention policy. 

Data Governance

The use of academic data for the purposes outlined above is safeguarded through several mechanisms, including Information Assurance, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the U-M Standard Practice Guide, and the U-M Data Governance framework. Furthermore, the university has developed a set of learning analytics guiding principles that emphasize respect, transparency, accountability, and empowerment in regard to the use of learning data.

How We Collect Academic Data

  • Directly: When you provide it to us, such as when you complete forms.
  • Automatically: When using the lecture recording service software.

How We Share Academic Data

The University of Michigan does not sell or rent your academic information. We may share your information with service providers that support or provide teaching and learning services. We strive to require our service providers to keep your personal information secure and use it only for providing services on the university’s behalf.

Personal information may also be shared when required by law, or to protect the safety, property, or rights of the university, its community members, and guests.