Document Cameras

Document Camera

All Michigan Engineering classrooms contain document cameras designed to show documents, transparencies, or physical objects to an audience via the display in the room. Models may vary in the resolution displayed depending on the size and needs of the room and can capture images at up to 30 frames per second. The controls also vary by model, but all document cameras allow the operator to adjust the images displayed, including zoom, focus, contrast, and white balance.


No image on the display

Verify that the document camera has power and is turned on. If you see a blue screen and/or a No Signal message, verify that the proper input source is selected on the touchscreen panel. Touch Doc Cam for the source. If the Doc Cam source is already selected, select a different source and then select the Doc Cam source again.

The image is not positioned correctly

Zoom in and out on the image using the Wide and Tele buttons under the Zoom section of the control panel, then position your document.

The image is out of focus

After positioning the camera, it may be necessary to perform an additional “auto-focus” operation. Depending on the model, press the Focus or Auto button on the camera to adjust the focus.