Great Lakes Slurm Accounts

Requesting an Account

To request a Great Lakes Slurm Resource Account please send the following information to from your University of Michigan email:

  • The shortcode for the funding source.
    This is required whether or not the shortcode will be charged.
  • A list of uniqnames of people who should be allowed to run jobs under the account.
  • A list of uniqnames of people who can change the account.
    This includes changing limits and adding/removing users to the account.
  • Any limits to be placed on the account
    • Limits can be placed in terms of:
      • Monthly/Yearly/Total spending
      • Resources:
        • CPUs
        • GPUs
        • Large Memory Nodes
      • Limits can be placed by either limiting the total number resources to be used or even preventing use of certain resources.
        These limits can be further refined to total use by account and/or individual.
        For example:
        Limit the account to 100CPUs in use at any one time and/or 10CPUs per individual.
      • More examples of limits can be found here:

Slurm Resource Accounts

Slurm is both the scheduling software and resource management for Great Lakes. To use any of the resources on Great Lakes you need both:

  1. A user login
  2. Access to a Slurm Resource Account

The types of Slurm Resource accounts are listed below:

Free Paid
Trial Accounts Research Accounts
Shared Accounts Course Accounts
Student Team Accounts

Free to use accounts

  • Trial Accounts
    • Trial Accounts are available to research Principal Investigators (PIs) who have not previously used Great Lakes. This account will have $150 worth of cluster time and will be unable to run jobs after 1 month.  If interested, please contact HPC support specifying that you’d like a trial account with:
      • The shortcode for the funding source.
        There will not be any charges run against the shortcode but we do need to have a shortcode to setup the account
      • A list of uniqnames of people who should be allowed to run jobs under the account:
      • A list of uniqnames of people who can change the account: lists of users and admins
  • Shared Accounts
  • Student Team Accounts

Paid Accounts

  • Research Accounts
    • PIs who have determined that GreatLakes is appropriate to use in their research should request an account by following the procedure listed above.
      PIs can have more than one Slurm resource account and can request them as they would like.
      Accounts will be named using the naming scheme chosen by ARC: <PI_uniqname># where # is a corresponding account number.
  • Course Accounts

Note to students: Unless you own an awarded research grant, such as the Rackham Research Grant, you must have your PI request an account on your behalf.

Further Help

For any questions you might have about this or any other research computing questions please email us at