Windows Remote Desktop Service

The Windows Remote Desktop Service allows eligible individuals at the College to remotely access the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) for Windows. It is intended to provide the same experience as being in a CAEN computer lab, however, the availability of some applications may differ due to software compatibility limitations or license terms. Refer to our software listing for details about which software applications are available when using this service.

While the service can be accessed over the web at, using the VMware Horizon Client is recommended for better performance.

After logging in with your U-M uniqname and UMICH password, and after using Duo two-factor authentication, the following connection options will be available:

  • CAEN Labs 2020 provides general access to software licensed for student instructional or non-commercial research use from any location
  • CAEN Labs 2020 – 16 GB RAM offers remote access to computers with a minimum of 16 GB of memory
  • CAEN Labs 2020 – 32 GB RAM provides access to a limited number of computers for tasks where additional memory is needed; includes a 4 GB graphics card
  • CAEN Labs 2020 – 8 GB Graphics grants access to computers that include a higher-performance graphics card
  • CAEN Labs 2020 – Duderstadt Center offers remote access to a number of physical computers located in the Duderstadt Center, and are open to all U-M students and faculty

Connecting with the VMware Horizon Client

For the best experience, CAEN recommends using the VMware Horizon Client when connecting to the Windows Remote Desktop Service. Refer to our knowledge base article for detailed instructions on installing and connecting with the client.