Training Resources & Workshops

Several training and information sessions are available to faculty, including instructional support sessions hosted by CAEN or CRLT-Engin. 

Whether you’re looking for a light introduction to a new technology or for a deep dive into your favorite teaching tool, the ITS Training page is a great resource for finding training opportunities including workshops, documentation and supportive videos. 

Below are some of the workshops coming up. 

Technology Workshops

Classroom Technology Walk-In Sessions

Tuesday Sep 6, 2022 11:30am – 1pm – 1620 Beyster -or- Monday Oct 17, 2022 11:30am – 1pm 1060 FMCRB – RSVP Recommended

Learn what is new in the classrooms, try out demo equipment and meet with experts from CAEN and CRLT-Engin. 

Office Hours: Ask an Expert

Zoom Consults

On Demand – Email

In Person Consults

On Demand – Email

Flexible Classroom Session – Next TBD

Workshops About Teaching

CRLT-E: It’s Time for Action: Incorporating Active Learning Techniques in Your STEM Class 

Wednesday, Sept 14, 1-2:30pm – Zoom – Registration Required

Creating a plan to engage students in active learning can be challenging. In this workshop, you will learn about a variety of active learning techniques, and then begin to formulate a plan for implementing active learning in your own course.

CRLT-E: Promoting Successful Teamwork in STEM Classes

Monday, Sept 19, 1:30-3pm – Zoom – Registration Required

Effective use of teams in a course can increase student learning and enhance students’ problem solving abilities, if instructors ensure that all students are engaged and included. In this session, participants will explore research-based methods for enhancing teamwork skills, engaging students, increasing cooperative learning, and supporting dysfunctional teams.

CRLT-E: Begin with a Problem: Using Inductive Learning to Engage STEM Students

Thurs, Oct 6, 11:30am – 1pm – 3rd floor LEC – Registration Required

In traditional approaches, instructors present general, theoretical concepts first, solve example problems next, and leave applications for students to solve during homework. Inductive learning turns that sequence around. Starting with a problem or question serves to engage students, and motivate learning the concepts and techniques. In this (completely revamped) session, you will examine examples of inductive learning strategies. You will then have an opportunity to consider how to apply them in your own classroom.

CRLT-E: Understanding How Stereotype Threat, Impostor Syndrome, and Growth Mindset Affect Student Learning

Friday, Oct 28, 10-11:30am – 3rd floor LEC – Registration Required

Research shows that when students worry about fulfilling a negative stereotype related to certain social identities, it can hurt their learning (a phenomenon known as stereotype threat). Research also shows that an instructor’s beliefs about their own and their students’ intelligence and ability impact the classroom environment. In this interactive session, participants will reflect on instructor and student social identities and learn about strategies for mitigating stereotype threat, impostor syndrome, and encouraging a growth mindset for students in their classes.