About Screen Recording

  • Screen recording software can be used to create a movie of anything shown on your computer display along with your audio narration.
  • It can be used to record full lectures, but is more commonly used for shorter recordings such as homework solutions, office hour sessions, or software tutorials.
  • These materials can assist students needing extra help without taking class or office hour time.


Screen recording software is a good approach for recording when the content shown from the instructor’s computer is the only important visual element of the presentation. Screen recording is also convenient: recordings can be made anywhere with access to a laptop or desktop computer, including the instructor’s home or office. The software also provides the ability to do extensive editing and post-processing of recordings where desired.

There are prerequisites for using screen recording software that may be barriers to casual use. A presenter must purchase, install, and learn to use screen recorder software on their computer. Editing and other post-production of the recording can be time-consuming. The presenter must manually upload recordings to a distribution service, such as Canvas, iTunes U, or YouTube.

Camtasia (by TechSmith) is a popular screen recording package, and the College offers a cost-sharing arrangement to provide discounted licenses to interested College of Engineering instructors. You can find more information about this program in the Getting the Software section.

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