Computing Access at the College of Engineering

  • As an eligible member of the College of Engineering, an individual may access computing services provided by CAEN.
  • Questions about obtaining access to CAEN services can be directed to the CAEN Help Desk.


CAEN provides the College of Engineering with a comprehensive set of computing technologies that support its instructional, research, administrative and service missions. A “CAEN Account” provides members of the College access to a particular set of computing resources. Depending on an individual’s role in the College of Engineering (e.g. student, faculty, regular staff, or temporary employee), access to certain CAEN computing services may or may not be available.

Note: While a CAEN Account may grant an individual access to log into CAEN computers, it does not guarantee that all software licenses will be available. Access to certain software applications may be restricted by many factors, including one’s position at the College of Engineering. Refer to our CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) page for information on accessing software.

All CAEN Accounts, including “Limited” accounts, provide remote access to CAEN’s Linux Login Service. Services that are only available to certain “Full” CAEN Account holders include:

All individuals who access CAEN computing services are subject to CAEN policies, outlined in the CAEN Conditions of Use. For further information on eligibility and restrictions, visit our account eligibility page, or contact the CAEN Help Desk.

ITS Computing Accounts

Eligible members of the College of Engineering may also obtain computing services provided by Information & Technology Services (ITS). ITS offers a set of Standard Computing Services for access to campus-wide computing resources. In addition, access to CAEN computing services requires a U-M uniqname and UMICH password for authentication, so individuals must obtain their ITS computing account prior to obtaining a CAEN Account.